“I would like to thank A4TD for their help in helping me find a job. Their association with VDOL was a great help with resumes, computer skills and interviewing. Training Center Staff was instrumental in finding the positions. Seeing that a new business was opening up in the area, she decided to stop in and put in a pitch for A4TD. I’m sure A4TD will be of great help to you as they were to me.” –Former SCSEP participant in St. Johnsbury, VT

“Associates for Training and Development supported my steps into the job market with skills for the job search process, which aided my self-confidence and established those necessary work references, and I thank you. Paradoxically, the exposure to the job world, as it jolted my sensibilities, has motivated me to refine my education and shoot for a more meaningful outcome. Again, I am sincerely grateful for the part A4TD has played in facilitating my return to the mainstream.” –Former SCSEP participant in Rutland, VT

“These people helped me realize that being over 55 could be the beginning of something very good. I was pumped with a new resolve to get out there and make things better in my life. I am now an Administrative Assistant and like my job very much. I am earning enough that I am able to keep my home from foreclosure. Slowly but surely I am paying off all my old debts, no longer need food stamps and I truly feel good about myself again. Thanks A4TD!” – Former SCSEP participant in St. Johnsbury, VT

“Thanks again, for all the fine work you do helping people improve their skills, and getting back in the workforce.” –Former SCSEP participant in Bennington, VT

“A4TD was more than just a life boat to me. It gave me new perspectives. It brought out new abilities. It buoyed my spirits. It landed me on a new shore.” –Former SCSEP participant in Burlington, VT

“When I first started with the SCSEP I didn’t feel that I had any purpose at all. Now I enjoy going to my host site every day. I love it. The program is really good, got me more stable financially and emotionally. There’s hope again in my life.” –Current SCSEP participant in Burlington, VT

“I would like to thank everyone involved with placing me in current job. I am so thankful there was a program like this one to see me through some very lean and tough times.” –Former SCSEP participant in Brattleboro, VT

“You were available when I needed encouragement and support, answering many questions and passing on leads for work that might lead to a full time job. It was in gratitude that I have learned so much more than if I had not had the opportunity of working with you.” –Former SCSEP participant in Brattleboro, VT

“I have seen the SCSEP do wonderful things in my community in Vermont. It revitalizes seniors, nonprofits, and whole towns.” –Current SCSEP participant in Rutland, VT

“The SCSEP program is very helpful in VT. Helps a lot of seniors make ends meet, and helps give them some options for the future.” –Current SCSEP participant in Burlington, VT

“At the age of 59 years old, I suddenly found myself out of work and no longer in demand in my former profession. I knew I needed to find another skill set so that I could be hired in a field that was more widely available.” –Current SCSEP participant in Burlington, VT

“I found out about a jobs training and employment program administered by Associates for Training and Development. This program helped me find a position in a field available in my area and tailored a training program in order to make me an attractive candidate for the new position we had jointly chosen. The program also found a “host site” for me and placed me there to work in the field I had chosen in order to get hands on training. They also paid me while I trained. Furthermore, they provided continuing education in helping me develop resumes, cover letters, and interviewing skills, as well as college level courses in computer skills, writing and other skills necessary for most positions being offered in today’s employment market. All of this helped me become better at securing a position of employment on my own in my new field.” –Participant in Brattleboro, VT