Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

The mission of Associates for Training and Development (A4TD) is to assist mature workers to become the best-qualified candidate for jobs consistent with their interests and abilities.

As a complement to that mission, A4TD works with employers and community organizations to develop and increase the range of employment opportunities available to mature workers.

As an integral part of this mission, A4TD recognizes the importance of coordinating its services with those of other organizations.

Vision Statement

Clients who contact an A4TD field training office will be served by staff who are well trained in all aspects of career counseling, knowledgeable of the local job market, and well-informed about local support services, training providers and other resources.

Core Values

The Core Values of A4TD have a significant impact on the way our programs are developed and implemented.

  • A commitment to continuous quality improvement
  • Evaluations and innovations which are data driven (labor market information, fiscal reporting, and MIS data)
  • Customer focus (the customer is defined as participants, employers, and grantors)
  • Acknowledge the importance of teamwork (internal) and partnerships (external)