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Trial Employment
Senior Community Service Employment Program

  • What is trial employment? Trial employment is a special training offered to those SCSEP participants whose unsubsidized job goal requires specific skills not readily attainable through our regular community work-based training assignment.
  • How does trial employment work? Once a trainee has completed at least 2 (two) weeks at a host agency, they may be reassigned to a trial employment assignment. That assignment may be at a private-sector employer, a non-active 501 (c)3 or governmental host training agency, or any other 501 (c)3 or governmental entity. A special trial employment contract must be negotiated that specifies skills to be learned, timelines, and benchmarks for the training. The contract also specifies that the employer will hire the SCSEP participant upon successful completion of the training.
  • What is the time limit trial employment? A typical training period would be either 4 weeks @ 40 hours per week or 8 weeks @ 20 hours per week. The training period may be extended if necessary, for a maximum period of 12 weeks if the IEP and/or progress reports indicate that need.
  • Who pays the participant and how much? The participant will remain on Associates for Training and Development’s payroll during their trial employment, and will be paid the employer’s prevailing wage rate.


  • What’s in it for your company?
    • Access to a pre-screened individual or individuals whose job goal and corresponding training meets the requirements of your job.
    • You set the qualifications, interview, and select the individual.
    • Great opportunity to hire employees that are eager to learn new skills and up-skill your workforce.
    • Reimbursement for the wage costs associated with training this new employee, which are calculated at up to a maximum of 160 hours worked, at the prevailing wage rate for the position.
    • Prompt payments with a minimum of paperwork.
    • A4TD staff to assist you through all phases of the process.
  • Who selects the trial employment trainees? As the employer, your company will determine the selection criteria for trial employment trainees. A4TD will pre-screen and identify those of its clients who meet the criteria, whose job goal and training meet your requirements, and will refer those clients to your company. Your company will make the final selection.
  • Who should I contact about developing a trial employment opportunity? Call 1-800-439-3307 for general information, or click here to find an office near you.