Improving the outlook for mature workers

One of the exciting things we’re working on this winter is adding to the dialogue of the Governor’s Commission on Successful Aging, which endeavors to improve the outlook for mature worker participation in the Vermont workforce.  Read the concept paper, which describes the broader effort of the Commission.  A4td participants offer input and perspective on challenges, needs, and strengths of mature workers with respect to participation in the workforce.

What do you think are the challenges mature workers face? What unique contributions do you think they bring to an employer? Share your story!


Letter from Senator Sanders supporting OAA

The need for programs for older adults and workforce development are higher than ever! The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is the only federally funded jobs training program specifically targeted to mature workers.

We are proud of the efforts of Vermont’s Senator Bernie Sanders to support the Older Americans Act (OAA), which includes the SCSEP. In this letter, he and other U.S. Senators support the increase of programmatic funding levels for the OAA.

SCSEP graduate featured in USDOL newsletter

Gail Ruggles, former SCSEP participant

One of our SCSEP graduates was interviewed and featured in the DOL Newsletter August 9th. We’re very proud of her accomplishments!

The entire newsletter is at the end of this message. Please use the links there to comment and note your support for mature worker training initiatives and the Senior Community Service Employment Program.

DOL Working for You

Senior Employment Program Leads to Full-Time Work

After losing her full-time job, Vermont’s Gail Ruggles worked five part-time jobs to support herself and her kids as she and they were attending colleges. But, Ruggles said, “I could not make ends meet no matter how hard I tried,” so she turned to the department-funded Senior Community Service Employment Program offered by Vermont Associates for Training and Development, Inc. There she sharpened her skills on the computer and in office management and accounting, and found part-time work with a nonprofit. Then, through a federal government program that reimburses an employer who hires a worker undergoing training, Ruggles eventually landed a full-time job with benefits for a medical technology company. The Senior Community Service program “offered an avenue to re-enter the workforce,” she said.

Read the entire USDOL Newsletter here!