WHCoA SCSEP Briefing Paper

We have happily co-authored a briefing paper with Ernest Gonzales (MSSW, Ph.D. Peter Paul Professor, Boston University). In this paper, Meeting the Needs and Preferences of Low-Income Older Adults to Obtain Employment: Implications for Federal Policy of the Older Americans Act, we highlight the diversity of SCSEP participants, their preferences for full or part-time work, and actual job placements. We hope the results we found can help shape and inform policy objectives of Title V of the Older Americans Act.

This is just one of many exciting projects happening now. Professor Ernest Gonzales and a team of Boston University faculty launched the White House Conference on Aging Working Group at BU in February. The group brings together experts in aging from the Schools of Social Work and Public Health. Writing on different areas of expertise, the faculty produced research briefs on topics ranging from homelessness, caregiving, age discrimination in the workplace, to the “invisibility” of racial and ethnic minority baby boomers (http://www.bu.edu/ssw/research/current/whcoa/).

Read our briefing paper here!