Photos! Governor’s Award 2016

Winners of the Governor’s Award for Business Excellence in Supporting Mature Workers were recognized in an awards ceremony on September 8, 2016!

The Agency of Commerce and Community Development (ACCD) and the Vermont Department of Labor (VDOL) co-sponsored the award. In partnership with the Governor’s Commission on Successful Aging, the award recognized Vermont employers who demonstrate exceptional commitment to employment practices that benefit and support the inclusion and retention of mature workers.

Congratulations to award recipients:

Pictures from the awards ceremony are below. Enjoy!

1. Hal Cohen, Secretary AHS                                 2. Greg Voorheis, DAIL

Hal Cohen, Secretary AHS                                                      Greg Voorheis, DAIL


3. Senator Leahy's Staff & Award Guests                               4. Senator Sanders' Staff & Award Guests

Senator Leahy’s staff and award guests                                 Senator Sanders’ staff and award guests


5. John Young, ACCD & Award Guests                                        7_-Award-recipient-VNAEDIT

John Young, ACCD and award guests                                               Award Recipient, VNA           


   8. Guests & SHRM audience b                         10_-Award-Recipients-5EDIT

           Guests & SHRM audience                                           Award Recipients & Greg Voorheis             



  12. Guests & SHRM Audience                             13_-Award-recipients-6EDIT

Guests & SHRM audience                                                     Award Recipients


15. Secretary Cohen                                16. Senator Sanders' Commendation to VNA

Secretary Cohen                                                                    Senator Sanders’ commendation to VNA


17. Senator Sanders' Commendation to Biebel Builders                                         18. Senator Sanders' Commendation - personalized for each Award Recipient

Senator Sanders’ commendation                                          Senator Sanders’ Commendation-

to Biebel Builders                                                                   personalized for each Award Recipient