2/1/17: A4TD welcomes new participants and partners!

We can’t wait to welcome our new SCSEP participants on February 1! A4TD’s operations are expanding into 3 new states: Maine, Pennsylvania, and New York. It’s been a lot of work to transition about 650 new participants into our project. But we are ready!

In the last month we have traveled all around the northeast, worked many long hours and late nights, and it has all been worth it. We have met fabulous participants who have interesting backgrounds and stories to tell. We have met exciting new community partners in both urban and rural areas including representatives from the Area Agencies on Aging, senior centers, Meals on Wheels programs, Technical Education Centers, and the Department of Labor. Many of these already serve as Host Agencies; we look forward to learning more about how we can support each other. We even have some new staff, many of whom have been engaged in SCSEP for many years, in different roles. They are busy in new staff orientation, and we are very proud that they have joined the A4TD team.

We really believe in the work we do! And we love to talk about it. If you have questions about how SCSEP works, need help applying to our program, or are interested in working with us, let us know! We want to get to know you.