Workforce Trends Emphasize the Need for Lifelong Learning Programs

We often see reminders about why our work is so important.  Last month, the World Economic Forum published about the aging of the global workforce, and underlines the importance of the mature worker as the fastest growing segment of the workforce, and the one with the largest skill base.Their data shows that mature workers are a growing part of the workforce in almost every country, and that lifelong learning programs- like the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)- are critical to a healthy labor supply and a healthy economy.

Workforce development can be a big problem: but we are part of the solution! We have provided training and employment services to over 1,200 mature workers in the last 5 years. We’ve helped individuals, communities, and businesses adapt to workforce changes. We’ve connected growing businesses with a pool of great candidates to help meet their needs. We’ve made big differences in the lives of individuals, and strengthened communities.

We found this research to be compelling and motivating. Why do you think the mature worker is valuable? Join the conversation!